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The Riverhead Resources story begins with Robert G. Riley, Jr. Years ago, Riley purchased a small company, Feed Energy, and grew it into one of the leading liquid feed suppliers in the livestock and poultry industry. He has since used his business savvy to start and build other successful companies. As a model entrepreneur, he has attracted top talent and a team of experts that has led to the creation of Riverhead Resources.

Our dedicated team are experts in each of their own unique business functions and disciplines, adding a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Riley Resource Group.


Robert G. Riley, Jr.                                           Chris Snyder                                          briley@riverheadresources.com                    csnyder@riverheadresources.com


John Eubank                                                      Tiffany Riffle                                 jeubank@riverheadresources.com                   triffle@riverheadresources.com




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